Tonya D. Perry(non-registered)
I just viewed your photos and it was like a visual meditation, thank you.
Your photos are amazing! I want them all! :) I couldn't find where to purchase some prints. Please advise. Thank you!
Every human being is born to carry over their life a box of tools and a set of rules
Some people squeeze every ounce out of their tools, others waste them like fools
Kim Herold is a woman who has been blessed with the amazing ability to see around her
Looking at the 118 photos of Maui was awe inspiring, and this 12 line poem it did stir

“Was it the picture of the lone pine tree” that filled up the picture in such a beautiful way?
“Was is the waves breaking over the beach” that made me want to fly to Maui today?
‘”Two people in a hammock” was so personal, I could not stop looking at those toes!
The gallery of pictures is an amazing journey to Maui, and to Chris this I will propose!

Your talent to take pictures is a tool you can carry around with you every day of the week
The color, symmetry, focus, and clarity has left me with no words which to eloquently speak
You have a talent that you have not “hidden in the sand,” for you shared your work with me
“Thank you” for giving me a picture of walking on the beach in Maui, being young and carefree!
What can I say I haven't already said a million times. You are so incredibly gifted.
Congratulations they are all magnificent. Particularly love the Gulf Coast and Horses. They're all so beautiful.
Courtney Danzey(non-registered)
Mikaila has been telling me about your photography for the last year or so. I'm glad to be able to see it finally! It's good work! I really like the ones of Chase and B running, the blured background and crisp horse is awesome!
I'm lost in admiration, I could only see the Horse Pictures because my internet is being a pain tonight ! The Cover picture on the Horse Album is stunning !!!!!
Congratulations on your site. You have a wonderful eye, it was a pleasure to visit
They all look great! I can't even pic a favorite! I love the sunset ones with the horses, and the Great Dane puppy. The flowers are stunning too. It is All good! You do great work. :)
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