Inspired Light Photography by Kimberly Herold | About

For me, photography is about having a "witness" to my life. You know that feeling when you're by yourself in the presence of something amazing, and you almost turn to the person who isn't next to you to say " you see that?!" I think we make friends, we marry, we have kids in response to a deep desire inside us to have someone with which to share our brief experience here in this witness that we were here, in some ways. Life is a series of wonderfully fleeting moments. My camera is one of my witnesses, and my photos allow me to share my experience beyond the moment.

I grew up in Ohio and my earliest memories with a camera are out on my family's boat on Lake Erie. Since then I honestly can't remember a time that a camera hasn't been an important part of my world. My career and personal travels have taken me all over this great nation and to 10 others, so it's no surprise that my favorite genres are landscape, nature, and astro photography. I am fortunate to make my current home alongside the beautiful emerald waters of Florida's Gulf Coast, where I get great inspiration for both my life and my photography.
Photography is not my career, by choice. I intentionally keep it separate...something treasured and revered, and that will always be a part of my life. Who knows what the future will bring, but for today it is my passion and the place I go to get centered, the doing of which makes me do everything else I do, better.
I share my images here so that in case I have seen something that you haven't along this great journey of life, we can now share it together. Enjoy!